At WKM Accountancy Services in Derby we offer advice on any queries you may have relating to taxation services, including tax returns and tax planning. We pride ourselves on the efficient services we provide and will ensure all returns are done on time to avoid penalties and heavy interest charges. We also provide up to date advice on matters relating to personal taxation, business taxation, capital gains, working tax credits, rental income and much more.

Business tax planning: This is essential when running a business. We work closely with our clients and review their accounts at least a couple of months before the year end, therefore ensuring they are aware of any tax opportunities, minimising tax liabilities.

Personal tax planning: We carry out reviews on our clients’ accounts towards the end of December, ensuring clients are aware of any tax opportunities to minimise tax liabilities. If there is any action to be taken, this gives us time for planning and securing better deals.

Self-assessment (tax returns) : We help individuals to complete self assessment (tax returns). It doesn’t matter how small the business is or how minor the tax return will be, we cater for all clients. Whether you are self-employed, have property income and need a tax return doing or you are employed and are required to pay a tax charge, we can help you complete the self assessment tax return.

Remuneration packages:  We advise our clients on the most tax-efficient remuneration package for directors to have during the year to help minimise tax liabilities.

In order to avoid our clients having issues relating to tax, we always keep you informed and provide you with accurate information in relation to:

  • When taxes are due
  • How much tax is due for payment
  • What records you need to keep and how to monitor your profit at all times.

Feel free to get in touch with us for advice on any tax return and tax planning queries that you may have using the contact form below.

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