Businesses can face many challenges to start with as every aspect of the organisation needs supervision and organisation, accountancy doesn’t need to be one. We have been active accountants for startups for many years now working in a wide variety of industries and exploring exciting new ideas. We understand the two key aspects you need to consider when looking at accountancy services for startups, we see them as;

  • Keeping up with the best technology for your business. WKM Accountancy Services can help integrate new technology and software into your business to help you run at your peak efficiency. We can suggest the best accounting software and give you advice on cloud accounting platforms and teach you how to run them.
  • Hiring the right accountant for your business. You need to find an accountant for your startup that understands your industry and business inside and out. We have worked with many different sectors in the past and can offer tips and cater to your specific needs. Accountancy isn’t just about balancing the books, we are there for business advice too, something many startups appreciate in the early days.

We aim to ensure that all our clients run their business in a profitable and tax efficient manner. We can help you organise your finances more effectively and implement the most tax efficient structure to help your business grow right from the start. During your free initial consultation, we can discuss the more suitable structure for your business i.e: limited company sole trader, partnership etc and help with the preparation of a business plan, forecasting and cash projections. After this, we can recommend to you the most suitable accounting software to suit your needs and make your life easier.

We understand that working with startups is not just about setting up your business and getting your accounts in order, we enjoy working with a business and helping it achieve it’s potential. WKM Accountancy Services ensures startups keep up to date with accounting legislation and technology, often moving accounts to cloud-based bookkeeping systems to keep your startup business efficient and allow you to focus on your growth. Couple this with our accounts preparation service and you could save money in the long run by eliminating mistakes and late penalties early on. Whatever your startup accountancy needs, we are here to help.

If you think your startup might benefit from our accountancy services get in touch with us today using the form below or give us a call and see how we can work together.

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